CinemaViva had a great time filming and live streaming for the Chefs Roll Anti-Convention this past April. For 2 days straight, we had a wonderful opportunity to use our Sling Studio wireless switcher/streaming system and 4 cameras to cover an array of cooking demonstrations and panel discussions with top chefs.

View from the 2nd floor balcony at Idea1

We began setting up the day before at the Idea1 Apartments, a new development of live/work lofts located in the East Village. They frequently hold events in their interior courtyard. For this event we deployed 2 of our trusty Panasonic GH5 cameras, 1 Panasonic GH5s, and an iPhone on a gimbal. Audio was taken care of through 8 wireless mics and a location sound mixer.

One of the tricky things we had to overcome, was that the client wanted one of the cameras to be used for Image Magnification for the event and they also wanted to switch between that and powerpoint on the same screen. The Sling Studio has a slight delay so we had to work around that by setting up a sub-mixing station using our Roland VR-4HD mixer. We ran our MacPro laptop and 1 camera straight into that mixer and split the output between the LED screen and the Sling Studio. This way we were able to send the camera and powerpoint feed to the large LCD screen without any delay and also stream that signal using the Sling Studio. We were also able to create some Picture in Picture looks with the powerpoint slides and live camera.

Live streaming picture in picture example
iPhone on gimbal with a wireless connection to our switcher.

We hired a crew of 6 for this event – Technical Director, Assistant Technical Director, 2 Camera Operators, Location Sound Mixer and a Production Assistant who also helped out on camera from time to time. We setup 1 camera on a balcony to get the wide shot, another camera on a jib, the GH5s on a tripod with a telephoto lens and an iPhone 6 on a gimbal for more portable shots. This was the first time we tried using the GH5/Crane gimbal and it worked great. We used an iPad Air to control the movement of the gimbal for more versatile moving shots. I was able to direct each camera operator on their shots and coordinate with the client on when to start and stop the slides by using our Eartec Wireless Headsets. The iPad Pro was used to switch between cameras and overlay the client’s logo. It’s Retina screen provides very accurate color reproduction.

Panasonic GH5/Crane Gimbal on Kessler Pocket Jib

Once the event started, our crew, cameras and wireless live streaming system performed flawlessly. We were able to provide a consistent 720p stream of each discussion to Chefs Roll’s Facebook page and by the end of each day they had several thousand views. After the gig, we delivered to the client, the program video, and iso video of each camera in 720p and 4K. They were very happy with the results and we are both looking forward to working together again for next year’s #Anti-Convention.

Live Streaming station with Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director.

This was a long live streaming gig, but our equipment held up and we were able to pull it off without any major hitches. Find out more about our live streaming services here. If you are interested in live streaming an event or conference, please reach out to us at 1-800-680-4613 for a free strategy session and quote.