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Live Video Streaming

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Live Video Streaming and Virtual Events in San Diego

Live Video Streaming and Virtual Events are becoming more and more popular with the advent of platforms like Facebook live and YouTube streaming.  Now you can easily and instantly get your message out to your tribe and even chat with them in real-time!  This is a phenomenal strategy to globally promote your product or services and expand your audience.  We are experts at producing quality live streaming content and helping you reach audiences worldwide.  CinemaViva provides full service video production support and live streaming for corporate events, conventions, symposiums, medical seminars, live town halls, keynote speeches, continuing education and much more.  Our team will work with you before, during and after the show to ensure your audience has a great live streaming experience.

If you are in a rush, we can use wireless event live video streaming technology so we can setup quickly and efficiently at indoor and outdoor venues. Connect a combination of up to 8 professional cameras, camcorders or smartphones.  Setup time is drastically reduced without the hassle of laying down cable. Enjoy wireless video transmission up to 300 feet!  For mission critical conference live streams and recordings we also offer professional multi-camera productions utilizing broadcast HD cameras and SDI switchers.  We can also bring out our own cellular bonded internet if your venue doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth or you need an extra level of back up for your live streaming event.

Our green screen studio in downtown San Diego also utilizes live video streaming services and features the ability to instantly replace the green screen background with a background of your choice.  It’s the perfect place to record a podcast or streaming show.  You can even superimpose movies, pictures, your website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and discuss the content on them from your iPhone. We can also bring our equipment out to your event and stream it live to the world. Whether you want to produce a one-time web-cast, a talk show or a web series, CinemaViva can help you with the right tools and over 15 years of experience in the video production industry.

Live Video Streaming Examples


Live Streaming Capability

Share your unique story and vision to the world! Live Streaming is well suited for many applications.

USE CASES: Onsite Video Recording, Conference Videos, External Webinars, Sales Training, HR Training, Quarterly Meetings, Website Videos, Global Conferences, Internal Gatherings, Pay-per-view events, and Keynote Speeches

  • Wireless, Portable, Battery Powered, Live streaming, Multi-camera, Recording and 4K Post-Production
  • Simulcast your Live stream to Facebook and YouTube and more
  • Engage your audience by discussing your latest creative venture or promote your product or service
  • Guests can either come to the studio or remotely via Skype, Messenger or Zoom
  • Present your own videos, art, pictures, apps or websites to the audience
  • Pay-per-view or on demand monetization
  • Live audience chat
  • Host your own talk show and share your message to the world
  • Connect your cameras to our system via HDMI or SDI
  • Custom cards & calls-to-action in the player
  • Collect email addresses in the player
  • Stats dashboard
  • Social stats
  • Embed on your own website
  • Customize colors & components
  • Customize end-screens
  • Add your logo

What's Your Story?

There are tons of creative and interesting people in San Diego! If you’ve got a story to tell, get in touch with us! Live streaming is a perfect way for any artist, coach, actor, inventor or entrepreneur to discuss their latest ventures.

  • Event Planners – Add an interactive element to your event through live streaming and live chat. Gain wider audience potential.
  • Corporations – Achieve better brand exposure through live streaming
  • Entrepreneurs – Give us a demonstration of your product or service.  Bring a powerpoint presentation, show us your website or even your app.
  • Coaches – Talk about your passion for helping people and transforming lives.
  • Filmmakers and actors who are ready to talk about their film can show trailers, behind the scenes pictures or even engage with fans while sharing their whole movie.
  • Musicians – Bring your instruments and jam!  Give your fans a special show through the internet.

Virtual Event Services

LiveStream from the Comfort of Home. CinemaViva is now offering professionally produced webinars which don’t require any travel from your panelists or attendees. We can even send sanitized camera gear to your location and help you set it up remotely. Perfect for awards shows, webinars, keynote speakers, corporate shareholder meetings, product launches, televised interviews, hosted talk shows, and any other hosted, televised events and more!

Our professional technical directors work remotely to control your broadcast and create a smooth, high quality stream Pre-production rehearsals with our production team to ensure your run of show is executed perfectly

  • Your talent and clients all work safely from the comfort of their homes
  • Option to have sanitized lighting and camera equipment shipped to your locations
  • Multicast to 2+ destinations for an unlimited audience (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, and custom RTMP outputs)
  • Connect with your audience and highlight comments direct from social media on screen
  • On screen call to action graphics
  • On screen logos and other branding
  • Play pre-recorded videos
  • Share screens, remote presenters can share and control their own screens
  • Monetize your Webinars with Paypal integration
  • Chat: Set private and group panelist chat settings for attendees and panelists.
  • Q&A and polling: Manage and share audience input in Q&A dialog box where attendees ask questions with live or text answers

Live Streaming System

  • BlackMagic Design ATEM HD Studio Television Switcher or
  • Roland VR4-HD A/V Mixer
  • BlackMagic ATEM Mini Pro
  • 4 SDI Inputs, 4 HDMI Inputs
  • 2 Matching Panasonic GH5s 4K Digital Video Cameras and 2 Manfrotto Tripods
  • 2 Matching Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras 6K and 4K
  • 2 Matching Sony Broadcast HD Cameras
  • 2 Matching Sony FS7 Camera kits
  • Canon 55x Box Lens
  • 16″ MacBook Pro 2019 with LiveStream Studio 6 & Wirecast 13
  • Sonnett Thunderbolt 3 PCI Enclosure with BlackMagic Mini Monitor 4K PCI card with HDMI & SDI output
  • Ninja Inferno Recorder/Monitor – Record up to Pro Res HQ on SSD Drives
  • Live U Solo encoder/cellular bonding device – Combine 4 internet connections – 1 Verizon USB Modem, 1 ATT Hotspot, 1 Wifi connection, 1 Ethernet connection
  • Dell P2415 24” 4K Preview Monitor
  • 12” iPad Pro
  • Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Hub
  • Lacie 4TB Thunderbolt Hard Drive
  • Magewell USB Capture HDMI+ Video Capture Card
  • SDI – HDMI Converter
  • Sound Design Mix-Pre3 Audio Recorder
  • 13″ Macbook Pro 2019 for playback of graphics and movies, ATEM control
  • Cyberpower 450VA Battery Backup
  • Eartec Wireless Intercom for 7 People

Live Streaming Quality

This Live Streaming system offers broadcast quality output from Wirecast or LiveStream Studio 6 by utilizing the BMD Mini Monitor 4K.  Any graphics or overlays created on the streaming software can now be streamed and recorded externally with the Ninja Recorder and Live U Solo.  Unlike a normal HDMI output from the laptop, there are no sync issues.  An additional low-res recording can be saved to an SSD drive.  Backup audio is recorded on the Mix Pre3 audio recorder.

Our cameras can record internally in 6k, 4K, or HD at 60fps in .mov or .mp4 formats.  For longer recording times, AVCHD compression can be used (9 hours on a 128GB card).  Each camera has 2 XLR inputs with phantom power and limiting.  The ISO on the GH5s can be raised up to 6000 iso without noticeable noise.  Low light performance is much better than other similarly priced camcorders.  Zoom control is available when using the 45-175mm or 14-42mm power zoom lenses.

Should you need longer lenses and higher quality cameras, we also offer 2 Sony FS7 video cameras, or 2 matching Sony Broadcast HD Cameras with rear zoom/focus controls and a 55x Canon Box lens.  By adding the box lens, you can get a steady closeup shot from 100 feet away.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

We have been fortunate to help some amazing companies achieve success through our video services.

Live Video Streaming Photo Gallery

Some shots of the live video streaming and virtual events in action.

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