Green screens changed the game of video production forever. With more inhouse production options and less costly and time-consuming on-site filming, the use of green screens opened seemingly endless possibilities for all sorts of video productions. As advancements continue to be made in technology, green screens are now becoming antiquated production tools, passing the torch to laser projectors changing the playing field.

Green Screen Technology

Green screens are Chroma key technology that has been the backbone of film and video making for decades. Having been introduced to the industry in the late 1930s, green screen technology was hailed as a cutting-edge production tool that transformed how effects were created in film, television, and video.

How Green Screens Produced Effects

Green screening could extract a subject out of the natural world through complex technology and place it into a digital domain. While the effects allowed production to be elevated and more cost-effective, the process could be painstaking and not as simple as it sounds. Some disadvantages of green screening are its complexities, imperfections, and heavy post-production needs. 

Innovative Use Of Laser Technologies Offers New Direction

Laser production is now taking center stage in the perpetual search for more flexible, more efficient, and higher quality production technologies. These innovative technologies include LED and projection mapping that make a green screen obsolete, changing the production set up and the final product.

How Laser Projection Can Be Applied In Production

Laser projection can be utilized for many projects, from the most conservative promotional video to large-scale major motion pictures. Footage can be filmed on location and then projected onto giant screens that wrap the set or backdrops for backgrounds to all types of video production. 

An advantage of laser projector production is that light can be adjusted using reflective surfaces, which provides a natural look for the actors and scenery. This technique also adds dimension to the footage, immersing the actors or subject deeply into the picture rather than simply being behind them. The result of laser projection is a ground-breaking all-in camera visual effect that is as real as it gets. 

Your Next Production Project

While laser projection may seem exclusive, it is an effective tool for all scopes of production projects. This innovative technology gives any project a professional and polished look in a more cost and time-effective manner. Your next production project may require a variety of videography techniques to compete, which is why using a professional video studio is essential to your satisfaction with the final product. 

CinemaViva has constructed a brand-new Smart Video Studio staffed with a professional video crew with the gear and ability to film and edit your production. This innovative convertible studio is the perfect location for filming small to medium productions in a comfortable location, using laser projection, green, white, or black backgrounds. CinemaViva also offers live streaming services with instant green screen keying and camera switching to make your film production easier and of the highest quality.