At CinemaViva, we offer all sorts of cutting-edge corporate video services to enterprise clients who want to make the best impressions on particular customer audiences as well as stakeholders. We offer aerial videos, internal branding videos, audience-specific narrative videos and much more. Here are four ways that companies use our innovative video resources to thrive.

The On-Boarding Experience

Training has become an integral part of talent acquisition.

Companies need to find the best people and attract them to the firm. Then, when they are at the door, they need to be able to on-board them efficiently and make them feel at home in their new roles.

Part of that has to do with effective training. Inferior training produces confusion and lowers initial productivity, while discouraging top people from tackling the learning curve that’s inherent in any job. Our video services can cut through the confusion and introduce clear, no-nonsense training setups that help make people more confident on day one, not to mention on day two and beyond.

Video and Branding

Brand visibility is the holy grail of marketing operatives. We combine various aspects of corporate video to hit audiences with powerful branding visuals that are ‘sticky’ – that stick in people’s minds and create an excellent first impression. Branding videos rely on specific design – we also help to consult on what will look best on the screen. Attention to the conceptual side of branding videos along with good lighting, gear and prep will produce effective results. 

Audience Attraction

We also offer strategic video production capabilities. Companies want to attract particular audiences – whether that means geo-targeting, audience segmentation, market research or anything else. We take those metrics and help our clients to build effective on-ramps to customer outreach with high-quality direct participation videos.

Informative Outreach

Then there are those times when a company has to really effectively tell a story to an audience.

Perhaps a new product has come out and there are questions about its design. Maybe some unfortunate liability has hit the company, and the company feels led to respond quickly and effectively. On a more positive note, maybe the company opened a new plant or has some neat press release to tell people about.

Explainer videos and related video concepts help to bring these messages to life. We utilize the right setup and gear to produce the high-quality video needed for this type of vibrant interaction with audiences. Get more detail at our website, and let us know how we can help you innovate your business in the twenty-first century. Our top-tier video services make our clients look amazing – and provide ROI for success.