Many of our clients love the easy implementation of green screen technologies to create great background settings for video.

You just set up the screen and the right technology, and voilà – you’re in the Alps, or in front of the Egyptian pyramids, or meandering the front lawn of the Taj Mahal – you get the idea.

However, not all green screen services are the same. Ours includes all of the good support and logistics that you need to create the best video whether it’s for YouTube, Kickstarter, Facebook, internal use or anything else.

A Dedicated Video Director

We provide the right guidance for green screen videos, in order to make sure that the narrative and everything else stays well supported throughout the process. Production can be chaotic, but with our planning, you get the results you intended, on the scope and timeline that we set together.

4-Camera Switching

We also offer a 4-camera switching capability to add a dimension to video shoots. Our live streaming services enable porting to Facebook or other platforms. And through it all, we are helping to evaluate video needs and quality in order to use these tools effectively.

Audio and Lighting Equipment

We have camera stabilizers, teleprompters and more to make sure that the audio and video quality of each shot is well established and maintained throughout the shoot. We also bring our extensive stock music and stock footage library to the table, which is important, because otherwise, copyright issues can tangle your project up in red tape. We are prepared to make your shoot work well, with after effects templates, color correction and more. 

File Formats

After your green screen video is complete, we help you to get the video into the right format for posting on social media sites or elsewhere on the web. This is an important step, and if your video service skips it, you’ll be frustrated by barriers to getting your money out of your video project.

Advanced Camera Work

With our 4K video cameras, we provide that well-produced look that’s crucial to any video project. We’ll show you how we get the lighting, angles and more right to “show your best side” to viewers. 

Ask us more about our 6k or 4k camera work and other video implementation, and how we support the best video results for our clients. Look for more on our website about assisting with all kinds of videography for a wide spectrum of project needs.