Effective marketing and promotion of a business or event, especially in today’s technology-driven marketplace, is paramount in its ultimate success.  It is no longer effective to depend entirely on print media for reaching the desired customer sector, as people turn their attention more to their electronic devices as their information sources. 

Static pictures on social marketing platforms and websites make clicking past the page easy, people need to have their attention grabbed quickly to linger on any given site or channel long enough to receive its intended messaging. This is the age of video marketing, where the consumer is reached through the imaging and messaging designed specifically for capturing their attention and inspiring their action.

Video marketing has made its way to the mainstream advertising and promotion platforms of today’s consumer-driven marketplace.  An overwhelming majority of businesses report that they currently use digital video and other video marketing tools in their advertising portfolio. 

The established popularity of video marketing consists of an incredible number of options and tools to navigate the rapidly changing shifts in viewer preferences, advertising options, and platforms.  Today, marketers can decide how and where consumers view their media and tailor their styles and messages in a strategic manner.

Social networks and internet video platforms open up a spectrum of avenues to reach the masses, through the use of video in specific messaging to followers and to capture the attention of a broader base in online viewing.  Just as social networks integrate video into their streams, search engines are becoming filled with video messaging.

Over the years, video clips have found their way to the top of organic search results on both desktop and mobile search engines.  Video is becoming more accessible with the use of smartphones, that it is among the preferred way in which people are now communicating.

With this explosion of video opportunities online, it can present a challenge for marketers and businesses to figure out the most effective way to distribute their brand.  In order to succeed with video marketing, brands need to optimize the platforms and the delivery formats of their marketing strategies.

Professional video production companies should be utilized in order to produce an effective and successful video media campaign.  Companies such as CinemaViva, in San Diego, provide an array of professional services that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business, no matter how small or how big the project.   Utilizing professional teams who specialize in the filming and production of marketing videos can greatly increase the success of any marketing campaign.  Today’s consumer market is driven by images, making capturing the brand of a business in an innovative and professional video marketing campaign essential to its success.