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Category: Live Video Streaming

The Benefits of Live Stream for Business and the Value of Using a Professional Service

Thought leaders have been bridging the gap between digital and physical content for years now. Visionaries reaping the biggest rewards have taken that concept and applied it to their businesses.

Best Practices for Your Livestreaming Video

Have you ever taken advantage of livestreaming video for your business? If not, it may be time to consider using this to your advantage. Regardless of if you own a

Multi-Camera Live Streaming for the Chefs Roll #Anti-Convention

CinemaViva had a great time filming and live streaming for the Chefs Roll Anti-Convention this past April. For 2 days straight, we had a wonderful opportunity to use our Sling Studio wireless

Live Video Streaming at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego

Recently CinemaViva was hired by an event production company out of New York – Eventique to perform a Live Stream of a company meeting held at the Manchester Hyatt. They

5 Tips for Effective Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is rapidly growing in popularity as an effective way to connect with audiences, clients and employees.  Before you start, there are a number of factors to consider that

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