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Month: June 2017

Streaming Sundays #3 with Filmmaker Alain Legend Raymond

Southern California filmmaker Alain Legend Raymond joined Streaming Sunday’s host Horacio Jones to talk about his latest film.  “In Search of an Author” is a unique film in which the characters are trying to

Streaming Sundays with Bio-Architect Fernando Vossa

Last Sunday we had our first international guest! Bio-Architect and visionary Fernando Vossa skyped in from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  He spoke with host Horacio Jones about his revolutionary idea for

Streaming Sundays – Confessions of Impact Entrepreneurs #2 with Molly Lavik and Scott Bobrow

Confessions of Impact Entreprenuers Episode 2 from CinemaViva on Vimeo. In the second installment of Confessions of Impact Entrepreneurs, Molly Lavik interviews Scott Bobrow.  Scott is a partner in Solaris Entertainment,

Case Study – Web Video Production for Startups – Rideplay.TV

http:// Last year CinemaViva had the opportunity to help out a new local advertising company called Rideplay.TV.  Their platform is unique in that they offer in-car entertainment and advertisements in the

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